Art is such an important part of our lives, it also us to express ourselves and see the world around us in new ways and when it comes to art there is one we thing we truly believe, it should be accessible and encouraged in everyone. That’s way the art in our gallery is never adjudicated, giving our gallery a range of diverse art in many different mediums.  So come in and spend some time looking at others work and contact us about displaying your own.

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  1. Aimie trent says:

    hi christina!! i sent u an email as well as i thought id try this, i am having a hard time connecting with u as i know u are extremely busy! by the way the place is so amazing!! everyone i bring there is super impressed. anyways i was just going to square up with you and pick up or find out if anything sold or is in your way etc lol. anyways please let me know. i am starting over this fall. things are just too chaotic for me right now..cheers

  2. Destiny Fox says:

    Is the art you have on display, on consignment? If so, I am interested in getting my art onto your walls. How can I go about doing this? Do you give advice on prices? and will this help me to become more known? I have a passion and a talent for art and it is my dream to one day have my own gallery! Please let me know! :)

  3. Hi,

    I am just curious do you guys do consignment items for artist. If so along the same as Destiny Fox questions above. The website link is to my girlfriend crochet site.

    Patrick D’Arcey

  4. Trina says:

    I am an artist that has just recently moved to the Kamloops area and am looking for a venue to sell some of my work and would be interested in how you work.

  5. Cheryl Pallett says:

    Do you have any native art or native jewellery? Thanks.

  6. TheArtWeAre2 says:

    No we don’t, sorry!

  7. Lee-Ann says:

    Hi Kristina, it is Lee-Ann & Henry, ex-Barrierites, now on Mayne Island. Email us if you get a chance, we miss you and hearing all your latest adventures. I am also looking for the name of the artist who did the painting of the lady with the big red lips that hung over the kitchen area for a long time.
    Cheers and hope all is well in Kamloops and you are living all your dreams.

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