I was born and raised in small-town B.C. Canada, and have been blessed with a loving and talented family that has always supported me in my musical endeavors. Singing is something that I’ve honestly been doing for as long as my lungs and nerves could bear the strain, but it wasn’t until my grade-three teacher began leading us in songs that the path I’ve now chosen was clearly set before me. I can remember her gently strumming an acoustic guitar at the front of our tiny classroom as she gracefully did her rendition of “Purple Kitty,” all the while coaxing our nervous little personalities (some more conservative than others) into following her lead. Thinking back to those days, I can now fully appreciate what she did for each of us, and how wonderful of a person she truly was.

As a singer, song-writer, and musician, I am almost completely self-taught – of course I owe a great debt to all of the talented people and loved ones in my life who have helped to guide and shape me along the way; I have also studied English Literature, specifically poetry, quite intensely at a University level, and would like to believe that quality over quantity should be the axiom of any artist. Some of my favorite musicians or groups include Gordon Lightfoot, The Eagles, Jony Mitchell, The Beatles, Mumford And Sons, Ian Tyson, Fleetwood Mac, Death Cab For Cutie, Classical of all kinds, and a host of others – though I must say that if there were simply two people who have taught me, and inpired me more in the ways of music, it would be my father Bruce and mother Jo-Anne. Were it not for their immense belief in me, their support in me following my dreams, their wisdom, and above all else their love, I would not be who I am today – for that I will be eternally grateful.                     

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