“This outfit effortlessly blends jazz, pop, rock and folk to create a bombastic sound that has no shortage of swagger.”

“[Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers] takes hundreds of years of musical history from diverse genres and presents it in a way that packs dance floors and makes any musician in the audience run back to their teacher in tears.”
(The Uniter)

“Exhilarating and joyfully noisy, this inspired rock opera left its opening night audience roaring with wholehearted approval.”
(Winnipeg Free Press, 4.5 star review of The Wild Things show at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival)

Full Bio:
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers is a band fascinated by folk tales, puppet shows, and homemade mythologies. They are a dynamic sextet that blends jazz, folk, and musical theatre to create a truly unique sound that appeals to music fans of all ages. Featuring “Winnipeg’s strongest horn section” (The Manitoban), Flying Fox’s energetic live show has earned them a reputation as one of Canada’s must-see musical acts. By the time they released their first EP, they were already recognized as one of Winnipeg’s “most acclaimed bands” (Winnipeg Sun).

In 2010, the Flying Fox obsession with dark tales and puppetry was taken to full fruition with the debut of their original rock opera, The Wild Things, at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Inspired by the iconic children’s story, Where the Wild Things Are, the show was lovingly embraced by children and adults alike, received the prestigious “Best of Fest” award and sold over 1,200 tickets. Soundtrack music from The Wild Things was recorded and released as an “artful and ambitious” concept album (Uptown).

Flying Fox released Hans My Lion, their debut full length album, in 2011. A mosaic of flamboyant pop songs, orchestral interludes and gritty gypsy folk, Hans My Lion was received with critical acclaim, embraced as “a roaring success” (Uptown) and “an album with no shortage of imaginative material that is bound to become a classic” (The Uniter). Since the album’s release, the band has been busy winning over fans from Montreal to Vancouver Island, with multiple cross-Canadian tours in both 2011 & 2012. Recent accomplishments include a live recording for CBC Radio’s Canada Live, and festival appearances at the Komasket Music Festival, Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Canada Day in Calgary’s Prince`s Island Park, the Brandon Folk Festival and the Arts Wells Festival.

Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers is an incredibly dynamic band that knows exactly when less is more. Don’t miss the spectacle that is a Flying Fox live show!


EPK: sonicbids.com/FlyingFoxandtheHunterGatherers
Youtube: youtube.com/user/flyingfoxmusic