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Ashlea Jonesmith is a Folk and Alt-Country singer/songwriter from Denman Island, BC. She has been performing with her partner, Oliver Wives since 2007 and the two have earned much acclaim in the Canadian independent music scene for their sincere, heart-gripping performances, Jonesmith’s powerful vocals and lyrics and Wives creative bass lines and careful harmonies. Jonesmith has written for and recorded a full-length album and an EP, and has played such renowned festivals as the Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival and Mariposa Folk Festival.

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As haunting and beautiful as the land she so clearly represents, Ashlea Jonesmith’s exquisite voice and compositions capture the natural spirit of Canada and her burgeoning body politic…a revelation and a joy to the ear. Dan Blair, Owner, MatchVox Studio, Toronto.

“Ashlea sings from the heart with songs that are intensely personal yet universal in emotional and spiritual appeal. She exudes fun, friendship and passion in her music.” – Tom Kremer, festival coordinator, Lose Yer Shoes Folkadelic Festival.

A powerful, emotionally charged voice and a distinct sincerity that is reminiscent of what great country music used to be.
Matt Attfield, Promoter.

“With all the new music that you may happen to hear, you may want to take a second listen when you come across the voice of Ashlea Jonesmith. Her heartfelt songs with beautiful, simple, and true melodies, swiftly seep into the soul. It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Ashlea and to have had the chance to experience the unique openness of Ashlea’s call.”Jamie Matsukubo, Producer, MatchVox Studio, Toronto.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what genre of music Jonesmith’s work fits into, but it is easy to say that you will be mesmerized from the moment this songbird opens her mouth. The music is folksy, familiar and comforting. Kristan Farlie, The Bracebridge Examiner and Gravenhurst Banner.
Her experiences resonate with our own. Her words soothe the bruised pieces of our hearts. Her debut album The Things That Stay With Me, which was released last year holds two universal stories. The first is of someone living life and love unapologetically. The other is of someone searching for a voice, for a place in the world. Carolyn Nikodym, The Fernie Fix.

“Oh my goodness is she ever talented!” – Jonesmith’s Oma.